Guide to Going Lighter Naturally


Foil and Balayage techniques for a natural effect.

This two day, hands on, class will give stylists the tools necessary to identify which techniques can be used to achieve the looks our clients are bringing in photos of. Our focus of this class will be giving stylists a variety of methods and applications that they can use on different hair types, and when to use which techniques. Day 1 will start with consultations and managing client expectations, then will be based around multiple balayage techniques, from subtle to high impact. Day 2 will focus on foiling the hair in order to get maximum lift, then blending with toners to get the highly sought after high contrast "balayage" look. Day 2 will end with photos, social media, and brand building.


Guide to
Going Lighter
(& Even Lighter)
All Over


Roots to Ends Bleach and Tone to Blonde and Platinum

This two day, hands on, class aims to teach stylists when it's appropriate to shift their focus from foil/balayage to all over lightening. In our experience, this seems to be a service that many stylists are hesitant to use, because it's the most difficult and has the least room for error. We want to change that. The goal of this class is to make stylists more comfortable with the process by teaching them gentle and efficient techniques to lighten the hair from roots to ends. Day 1 will focus heavily on identifying when all over lightening is the right choice, how to determine if the hair and client are well suited for the service, and lifting the hair all over to a medium blonde. Day 2 will focus on lifting the hair to platinum, taking photos, social media training and brand building.


Guide to
Pastels & Vivids


This two day, hands on, class will be a through training on managing client expectations when it comes to achieving, maintaining, and preserving vivid and pastel hair colors. Vivid and pastel colors are huge, and they aren't going anywhere. What sets BANG apart from all of the other salons that are fluent in wild colors, is that we are doing our best to manage clients' expectations when they decide to make the change to vivid colors. It is our goal to teach stylists to do the same. After a heavy amount of consultation, managing expectations, and training on proper hair care, Day 1 will focus on placement and application of pastel colors to previously lightened hair. We will teach one placement, and encourage stylists to be as creative as they'd like to be in their applications. Day 2 will focus on brighter, more vibrant colors as well as social media training, photos, and brand building.

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